Exotic designer hand painted leather handbags,  jewelry and Apparel!

60" Fresh Water Pearls and Turquoise Colored Howlite Gemstone Necklace. Style #084. Price: $149.99

Hello Doris Basil, your bags are larger than regular handbag sizes, why?

Answer: "They are handbags that can also serve as a travel tote that fits in an airplane's over-head compartment. I like to travel with just one handbag that I can also use for errands on my trips. That's why I designed it for women like me that likes to travel light. I will also have the styles available in regular handbag sizes. I guarantee that you will love, cherish and enjoy these bags." Doris Basil

  • Doris Basil 'Official'
  • Extra-Large exotic designer hand painted Leather Tote. $999.00
  • ***This bag is heavier than usual because of the size and extensive use of studs.***
    Email customer service for exact weight of the bag because it varies.

    ***Since this is an expensive bag, every sale is FINAL.***
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21" H x 17" H x 8" B

9" Drop

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